Kill BOT Fraud!
The BIG Reason Your Campaigns Fail - and they're not telling you!
Take a little time to learn more about Ad Bot Fraud - it's not going away.
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Tested 700 Ad Networks 8 were 100% Fraud Based.
Advertisers will lose over 50 Billion by 2025.
36% of Impressions are Fraud.
Take a look at what a Smart Phone Bot Farm Looks like.
50% don't know what Ad Bot Fraud is.
Ad Bot Fraud Traffic makes more money that Drug Trafficking.
Ad Bots Behave EXACTLY like Real Human Beings.
Ad Bots Solve Every Marketing Challenge.
Ad Bot Fraud is a Wicked Problem.
Ad Bot Fraud Experts say its more than 40% of traffic.
The Black Market for Digital Ads is Booming.
Publishers don't know they are a BIG source of FAKE Traffic.
Expert Fraud Panel share different TYPES of Ad Fraud.
You can NOW Build Profitable Custom Audiences for the Google, Facebook, Bing, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn Platforms.
EXCLUDE the BOTS and Market to 100% Humans!
Think "People Marketing"
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